Patient testimonials – So many happy mums and dads can’t be wrong

jameda review from 30/03/2016: “Recommended without a doubt! After two unsuccessful attempts with ICSI at another fertility clinic in Frankfurt, we decided to continue with our third ICSI with Prof. Kissler at Nordwestkrankenhaus Frankfurt. From the start, he was very nice and helpful.
It worked on our first try and I got pregnant. I am overjoyed and very, very grateful to Prof. Kissler. He is a competent, committed doctor. I definitely recommend him!!!”

jameda review from 04/09/2015, age: 30-50 “Very competent and personable! Prof. Kissler was recommended to me by a gynaecology colleague, and throughout the whole fertility treatment I felt like I was given excellent advice and treated very well. Thanks to him, we got our own little ray of sunshine (our daughter). I recommend him unreservedly!”

jameda review from 20/08/2015: “Excellent doctor, cannot be beaten when it comes to humanity. With the support of Professor Kissler, we had our two miracle babies. We never thought it would work with only one or two attempts. But it did thanks to the competence and experience of Prof. Kissler in the field of reproductive medicine.
Above all, Prof. Kissler is extremely understanding. No consultation is too long, and no question too much. He brings a certain ease into this sometimes depressing situation. In this field of medicine, humanity is just as important as competence. And Prof. Kissler has a great deal of both!
A thousand thanks, again!!”

jameda review from 28/07/2015, non-private patient, age: 30-50 “Experienced, competent doctor. I have two children thanks to their help the service experience everything was great. They were very good at dealing with patients (me). It’s a shame that you are no longer at the fertility centre and cannot help many others with problems any more.  But I hope you can be helpful somewhere else. It’s impossible to describe you, you just have to be your patient in order to experience how great you are... I wish you all the best and thank you so much...”

jameda review from 20/04/2015, non-private patient, age: 30-50 “Very competent and empathetic doctor. Professor Kissler is a very competent, empathetic and always committed doctor, who helped my husband and me have our second baby! He always took time for me and my questions and explained every step of the fertility treatment calmly with decency and patience! He took all my worries and anxieties seriously and discussed them in his calm, competent and empathetic manner, taking all my worries and anxieties away! I fully recommend him and am very happy that I was able to be treated by him!”

jameda review from 16/03/2015: “Competent, committed doctor. Treatment (ICSI) was successful. Adjustment of hormonal treatment after first failed attempt led to success. Prof. Kissler was always very friendly and committed to the success of the treatment.”

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