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IVF laboratory – Bringing together what belongs together

IVF laboratory <b>– Bringing together what belongs together</b>

Highly effective, well established and perfected over the decades: in vitro fertilisation (IVF). We don’t outsource the necessary technologies and examinations – our large clinical team is proud to be able to provide them all in house.

The IVF lab is the heart of our fertility clinic. Here, with their full concentration and away from the stress of consultations, our biologists and scientific assistants quietly work towards significantly improving the likelihood of conception.

Following the retrieval of the egg cells, our team examines the aspirates, evaluates their maturity and fertilises them at the precise time with the partner’s/spouse’s sperm via insemination/microinsemination (ICSI = intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

The embryos that form following the fertilisation of the oocytes are regularly evaluated under the microscope. When doing so, we ensure the regular exchange of information between the laboratory, the doctors and our patients. A laboratory log is filled in to document the development of every single embryo.

After successful fertilisation and development of the oocytes, we implant one to three embryos in the uterus via a very thin transfer catheter. The embryos have the best chances for transfer on the fifth day after the oocyte retrieval. By continually monitoring the embryos’ surroundings, our laboratory staff can create the ideal environment for their development. After all, a viable “day 5” embryo or blastomere transfer is always our primary aim.

The number 5 plays an important role for us in another way, too: No fewer than five biologists take care of the patients’ egg cells. We appreciate that the size of our laboratory and strength of our team is something out of the ordinary, which is why we mention it with such pride.

Our laboratory staff ...

  • arrange appointments with our patients for embryo transfer depending  on the development of the embryos
  • prepare the embryos for transfer and assist in the transfer
  • freeze unfertilised or fertilised oocytes and embryos using various freezing protocols and document the processes precisely
  • also conduct the thawing process for samples once the correct time to do so has been determined in the doctor’s consultation
  • ensure the proper preparation and analysis of blood samples taken the same day in order to determine the patient’s hormone parameters
  • prepare sperm samples every day for intrauterine insemination (IUI), which is one of the first steps taken for couples hoping to conceive
  • maintaining and looking after the hormone laboratory and the hormone analyser

Regular quality control is carried out and documented in all areas. Regular participation in round robin tests, where we always obtain excellent results, is a matter of course for us.
Take us at our word: With us, you’re in safe hands.


Consultations can be booked via:
Telephone: +49 (0) 69 5060 6865-0
Email: info@kinderwunschzentrum-frankfurt.de

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