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Social Freezing – Planning for tomorrow, today

Social Freezing <b>– Planning for tomorrow, today</b>

A proactive approach to family planning is becoming increasingly difficult in our performance-oriented world - many women keep postponing their wish to start a family, and at the same time, the quality of egg cells inevitably reduces over time as women age. Prompt social freezing significantly increases the chances of pregnancy.

Until a few years ago, the careful freezing of unfertilised eggs was a major technical challenge, which has now been mastered thanks to a very rapid freezing process (“vitrification”). If an embryological laboratory is, as is the case for ours, able to vitrify egg cells, social freezing treatment can take place. This gives women who want to (or have to) have children later a better chance of becoming pregnant after around 35 years old.

From treating couples who are unable to achieve their dream of having a child, we know that the age of the woman has great significance for the success of the treatment, and the quality of younger women’s egg cells helps to significantly improve the chances of pregnancy. Finally, not only does a woman lose around 1000 egg cells each month (starting with a stock of 400,000 in puberty), but the quality of the egg cells also decreases steadily.

Unfortunately, despite this knowledge, young women in our performance-oriented world are often unable to start a family early, or even if they would like to, they may not have found the right partner yet.

This is why in recent years the number of women undertaking hormonal stimulation therapy to be able to freeze their eggs has significantly increased. Thanks to the new method of freezing, the survival and fertilisation rate of the frozen eggs is high enough to make pregnancy very likely. Although this depends on age: the younger the woman, the better the quality of the egg cells.

This is why we recommend that treatment takes place as early as possible. With vitrification, the sensitive cells are frozen in liquid nitrogen so quickly that there is no damage to the cell membrane and all physical processes come to a standstill. This makes it possible to preserve the eggs for decades.

We provide exceptional support for this procedure and would be happy to provide you with information on the right timings and how the treatment works in a consultation. As demand for methods like this is particularly high in cities like Frankfurt, we can provide you with the highest standards of advice and ample experience.


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