Patient testimonials – So many happy mums and dads can’t be wrong

jameda review from 05/03/2017: “Professionaly and personally a really great doctor. Prof. Kissler is a very skilled and sensitive doctor. We immediately felt like we were in safe hands. After each examination and consultation, his positive approach always helped me feel good and hopeful. We were lucky enough that our first IVF attempt worked. We are infinitely grateful and can really recommend Prof. Kissler and the whole team 100%.”

jameda review from 01/03/2017, health insurance patient, age: 30-50: “Here, they pay close attention and search carefully for solutions! Definitely to be recommended.
After my very first appointment, Prof. Stefan Kissler and his team had already identified my hypothalamic ovarian failure, which had never been diagnosed with previous visits to the doctor. Thanks to the successful treatment that followed with the LutrePulse Pod and Prof. Kissler’s excellent care, we can now finally welcome our son in July.
People are seen as a whole person here, and thanks to the modern techniques the right therapy is found.”

jameda review from 26/01/2017, age: 30-50: “The best New Year’s gift! Many thanks! Prof. Kissler advised us well and in detail, and we were treated well with results that speak for themselves. A positive test after the first IVF treatment. And beyond that, Professor Kissler himself is really nice - we’ll be back when it’s time for siblings ;-)”

jameda review from 09/10/2016: “Very friendly and competent doctor. After a long, unsuccessful IVF treatment in Belgium, we decided to visit the Frankfurt Fertility Centre. During our treatment, we were treated competently and in a (very) friendly manner by Prof. Kissler and Dr Sauer. After the first examination, all the required steps for us to have a child were explained in detail. My wife got pregnant in the first treatment cycle. Heartfelt thanks to the whole practice!”

jameda review from 08/09/2016: “Very competent doctor. Prof. Kissler took a lot of time for me. Despite my chronic cysts, he always gave me the feeling that I had a good chance. He always gave me courage and hope. After a long treatment period, it worked. I can only recommend Prof. Kissler - if you are looking for a good doctor, go to him. Many thanks!”

jameda review from 11/07/2016, non-private patient, age: 30-50 “Very competent and friendly doctor. Throughout the whole treatment, I got to know Prof. Kissler as a particularly competent doctor, very target-oriented in his treatments, and who in addition was always friendly, able to listen, and gave a feeling of being in good hands. And accordingly, our course of treatment was quickly crowned with success. Many thanks again!”

jameda review from 29/05/2016, age: 30-50: “Extremely competent specialist. After several years of not being able to have children, we went to the Frankfurt Fertility Centre, led by Prof. Merz. During the treatment, we were dealt with competently and in a friendly way by Prof. Kissler, and Dr Sauer under Prof. Kissler’s instruction. After the first examination, all the required steps for us to have a child were explained in detail. After the first fertilisation we are now expecting a baby. Many thanks to the whole practice.”

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