Patient testimonials – So many happy mums and dads can’t be wrong

jameda review from 24/02/2019: ‘Good treatment all round with success on our first attempt. Following my gynaecologist’s recommendation, we initially went to a private fertility clinic, but I didn't feel comfortable there from the beginning. After two bad semen analyses and the sudden revelation that all major investigations had to be done in Wiesbaden, we decided to get a second opinion. We always felt well advised with Prof. Kissler and his team. He took the time to explain the treatment to us and to answer our questions. All the other staff in his team were also friendly and very capable. My husband’s sperm analyses went well here. As I was not ovulating, which had been diagnosed from the very beginning, I received hormones and we tried insemination. The first attempt was successful. Beforehand, I also received osteopathic treatment at a physiotherapy clinic and did acupuncture. Now we can’t wait to meet our first daughter. If my cycle doesn't settle down in future, there’s only one place we’ll be going to for our second child.’

jameda review from 17/01/2019: ‘Our saving grace after our long fertility journey. I have nothing but the best to say about Prof. Kissler. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2000 at the start of my 20s, which was unfortunately severe. Various operations between 2001 and 2017 only provided temporary relief from the pain. I contacted a fertility clinic in 2010. Cycles with scheduled intercourse, IUIs, IVF and ICSIs followed for years, without any success. I took various hormones for years, nothing happened. But I didn’t want to give up on my desire to have children, even though I was 40. So, after a lot of research, I went to a doctor practising in Frankfurt am Main who specialised in TCM for women wishing to conceive. She initially sought to manage my pain, with the ultimate goal of then combining a hopefully normal cycle with ICSI straightaway as I had already lost enough time and money. She recommended me to Prof. Kissler and after a ‘career’ of visiting countless specialists, clinics and hospitals, I was very nervous about what I would find as my trust in doctors and their abilities was more than clouded. But I still wanted to have faith this time and to my great surprise, this was very easy with Prof. Kissler. There are still doctors who take you seriously and treat you compassionately and as a human. Unlike many of his colleagues, he saw on an ultrasound that I have a rare subcategory of endometriosis. We did ICSI after coordinating with the TCM treatment plan, which I was following at the same time. The first attempt (!!!) was successful. Our little one is just getting her third tooth and is keeping us on our toes. We could not be happier or more grateful. Prof. Kissler was our saving grace. Dr Sauer is a second doctor at the practice who is just as compassionate and skilled. My personal pot of gold at the end of a very long rainbow. A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart!’

jameda review from 17/10/2018: ‘Highly recommended, empathetic, proficient treatment. After being unable to conceive for two years, my husband and I turned to Prof. Kissler. Our first impression was very positive. Prof. Kissler took his time and made a tentative diagnosis of endometriosis, which no doctor had considered for 17 years, despite my pronounced pain. A laparoscopy confirmed his suspicions and I fell pregnant on our first attempt at IVF and am now 24 weeks pregnant. We are overjoyed!’

jameda review from 10/05/2018: ‘Expert care from Prof. Kissler and his team. My wife and I tried to conceive for two years, unfortunately without any success. We were quickly given an appointment for our first consultation, where Prof. Kissler told us about all possible treatment options in detail. After a thorough check of both of us, my wife fell pregnant after the second IUI. Luck was, and is, on our side. We can only recommend this fertility clinic. The only thing that tarnished our excellent experience a little was that the clinic is hard to get hold of by phone. Thank you to Prof. Kissler and the entire team for their highly professional care.’

jameda review from 18/03/2018: ‘An absolute professional/caring doctor! Thank you so much! This doctor knows exactly what he’s doing. Medically speaking, he is at the highest level. As a person, he’s simply great. The consultations were perfect from the beginning, friendly, kind. The treatment we received was very caring, competent. We always felt really good about things. And although I had explicitly said from the very beginning that financial matters played a lesser role for us, he saw to it that our insurance company reimbursed us.’

jameda review from 22/05/2017: “Professor Kissler’s team is very professional and sensitive! I can wholeheartedly recommend Prof. Kissler and his team, Dr Sauer, the assistants, lab team, etc. My wife is over 40 and the statistics suggested only very low chances of success - with IVF and ICSI methods. We trusted Prof. Kissler in the choice of the method and lo and behold, my wife was pregnant right after the first try. The Frankfurt Fertility Centre is very professional and sensitive. Another fertility clinic had suggested a complicated operation, so we are doubly happy that we decided on Prof. Kissler and his team in Frankfurt.”

jameda review from 17/05/2017: “Competent and really lovely medical team and clinic employees. After two years of waiting and treatment from gynaecologists, we turned to Prof. Kissler’s clinic. We got an appointment for our first consultation very quickly. This was with Dr Sauer. He took his time, and was very sensitive and positive. The treatment could also be started very promptly and was successful on the second attempt. Our little princess will be with us in a few weeks. Many thanks to the wonderful team! They are all great!”

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